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At Pest Dominion, we are your trusted partner in maintaining impeccable hygiene and ensuring a healthy living and working environment in Slough.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch hygiene and disinfection services to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients.

With our expertise in pest control and sanitation, we offer comprehensive solutions that eliminate unpleasant odours, remove dead animals, and implement ULV disinfection fogging to safeguard your surroundings adequately.

Unpleasant Odour Removal

Unpleasant odours can significantly impact the comfort and well-being of individuals within a space. At Pest Dominion in Slough, we understand the importance of having fresh and clean surroundings.

Our hygiene and disinfection experts excel in identifying and eliminating the source of bad smells, whether caused by insects, rodents/vermin, or nesting birds and ensuring a pleasant environment for both residential and commercial properties in Slough.

We employ effective techniques and eco-friendly products to neutralise and eliminate them, whether persistent pet odours, musty smells, or other unpleasant aromas.

Dead Animal Removal

Discovering a deceased animal within your property can be distressing and pose various health risks. Pest Dominion is here to assist you promptly and efficiently with our dead animal removal services in Slough.

Our skilled technicians will wear personal protective equipment and safely handle the removal of deceased animals, preventing the spread of diseases and minimising any further unpleasantness.

We follow industry best practices and adhere to local regulations to ensure a hygienic and safe environment for you, your family, or your employees.

ULV Disinfection Fogging

Maintaining a clean and germ-free environment has become increasingly vital today, especially since COVID-19. Pest Dominion offers state-of-the-art ULV disinfection fogging services to effectively combat pathogens, bacteria, and viruses across Slough’s residential, commercial, and industrial spaces across Slough.

ULV fogging, or ultra-low volume fogging, is a highly efficient method that disperses a fine mist of disinfectant, reaching even hard-to-access areas and effectively sanitising surfaces.

Our highly trained professionals utilise industry-approved disinfectants, following strict safety protocols, to provide you with thorough and reliable cleaning and disinfection services.

Bad Odour Removal Slough
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Convenient Communication Channels

We prioritise convenience and accessibility, offering various communication channels to ensure easy access to our services. You can contact Pest Dominion using any of the following methods:

  • Phone: Contact us by calling our dedicated line on 079 999 36075, and our friendly team will assist you. We understand the urgency of your situation and will prioritise your request, aiming to provide a timely response.
  • WhatsApp: Take advantage of the convenience of WhatsApp messaging. Send us a message outlining your requirements, and our team will promptly respond, offering guidance and scheduling options for us to attend. We strive to make the communication process as seamless as possible for your convenience.
  • Email: You can also reach us via email for a more formal means of communication. Send us a detailed message with your specific needs, and our team will swiftly respond, providing the necessary assistance and arranging emergency or same-day appointments as required.
Hygiene and Disinfectant Slough

Benefits of Choosing Pest Dominion

  1. Our Expertise: With our extensive knowledge and experience in pest control and sanitation, we offer our clients a wide range of benefits in Slough. From hygienic solutions to effective disinfection techniques, we have the expertise to address your needs and ensure a clean and safe environment for homes and businesses.
  2. Bespoke Approach: Our dedicated team takes the time to assess your requirements and customise our services accordingly. By tailoring our approach to each client, we provide efficient and effective bespoke solutions that meet your hygiene and disinfection goals, providing the best results.
  3. Professional and Dependable Service: At Pest Dominion, professionalism and reliability are at the core of our operations. Our trained experts are committed to delivering exceptional service, ensuring that your hygiene and disinfection needs are met with the utmost care and attention to detail. You can trust us to provide consistent and dependable results regarding hygiene and disinfection in Slough.
  4. Environmentally Friendly Practices: As a responsible local business, we prioritise using eco-friendly products and practices. By choosing Pest Dominion, you contribute to a cleaner and greener environment while benefiting from high-quality hygiene and disinfection services. We are committed to minimising our ecological footprint and promoting sustainable solutions for domestic and industrial cleaning services.
  5. Competitive Pricing and Value: We understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. We’re proud to offer competitive pricing for our hygiene and disinfection services in Slough; we aim to provide exceptional value for your investment, ensuring that you receive top-quality service at a fair and reasonable cost.

Removing Dead Animals

Pest Dominion specialises in safe and efficient dead animal removal services in Slough. Our skilled technicians promptly handle the removal of deceased animals, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for you and your loved ones or employees.

Prompt Response and Service

We prioritise quick response times and arrive equipped with the necessary tools and protective gear to remove the deceased animal safely. Our experienced technicians work quickly, minimising disruption to your daily activities.

Dead Animal Removal Slough

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Experience the numerous benefits of choosing Pest Dominion for your hygiene and disinfection needs in Slough. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive, customised solutions, professional services, eco-friendly practices, and excellent value for money. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and schedule an appointment. Let us help you maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Our Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Sohail visited our property due to a pest problem. It was a tricky case and he was very patient and thorough with the investigation. He had to visit the property multiple times and did not complain even once and was considerate towards our anxiety due to the issue. Highly recommended.

Venkat Neelakantan

Honest and intelligent man, he respected me and helped me even looked into my loft as I had concern, which was nothing at the end, I had a dead big rat in my kitchen which was given awful smell, he helped to locate the rat and removed it, his price was very reasonable, thanks so much.

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Adaku Ibenana

Thank you for great service today! Super speedy, arrived with half an hour and treated the wasp nest in our loft quickly and efficiently. Very reasonably priced, would recommend!

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Minnie Payne

Sohail is incredibly responsive and efficient. Every time I have contacted him he has been able to come that same day and always resolved the issue. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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Rachel Cunningham

“I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with Pest Dominion’s pest control services. From the moment I contacted them, their team was professional, courteous, and attentive to my needs. The technician who came to my home was knowledgeable and thorough in assessing and treating the pest problem. They not only eliminated the pests but also provided valuable advice on preventing…………

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Sarah Johnson

“Pest Dominion truly deserves five stars for their impeccable pest control services. I had a persistent rodent problem in my office that other companies failed to resolve. However, Pest Dominion came to the rescue. Their technicians conducted a detailed inspection, identified the entry points, and implemented an effective rodent control plan. The results were remarkable, and I couldn’t be happier. The team displayed professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Pest Dominion……..

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Mark Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritise prompt response times and aim to address dead animal removal requests as quickly as possible. Contact us, and our team will strive to provide timely assistance.

We handle the removal of various types of deceased animals, including rodents, birds, squirrels, insects, and other animals commonly found in residential and commercial settings.

Yes, our technicians are trained in the proper handling and disposal of deceased animals.

No. We work discreetly and efficiently, taking precautions to prevent any further disruption or unpleasant smells.

Absolutely. As part of our dead animal removal service, we can sanitise the affected area to eliminate potential health risks and lingering odours, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.