Pest Dominion Limited

These Terms and Conditions are established by Pest Dominion Limited, Slough, UK, to ensure the promotion of high standards of business conduct and ethics. Please carefully review the following terms, especially the limitations and exclusions of liability stated in paragraph 8.

**General Terms and Conditions for Contracts**

  1. **General Obligations**

1.1 In this agreement, “We,” “us,” or “our” refer to Pest Dominion Limited, Slough, UK, its employees, and subcontractors. “You” or “your” refers to the party identified in the attached service agreement. If you are purchasing the Services for personal use, you are a consumer; otherwise, you are a business. “Services” denote the pest control services agreed upon in the service agreement.

1.2 This agreement comprises the service agreement and these general terms and conditions. Any standard terms and conditions attached to or referred to in a purchase order do not govern this agreement.

1.3 You agree to:

– Provide access for our employees to carry out the Services at reasonable times.

– Furnish necessary facilities for the Services at the premises.

– Comply with our recommendations, particularly regarding hygiene and building proofing.

– Pay additional charges for missed appointments or failure to implement recommendations.

1.4 We will visit your premises as specified in the service agreement, provided charges are paid. Complaints must be reported within 30 days of the service visit.

1.5 Services will be provided in conformity with the agreement and with reasonable skill and care.

1.6 Only you and us have rights under this agreement unless a third party is explicitly identified.

  1. **Contacting Us**

Consumers can contact us at 01753 339941, Pest Dominion Limited, 11 Scholars Walk, Slough, SL3 8LY, or Businesses must communicate per paragraph 13.

  1. **Duration and Termination**

3.1 This agreement starts on the Commencement Date specified in the service agreement. For specific tasks (“Job”), it ends upon completion and payment. For Periodic Services, the agreement lasts one year (Minimum Period), continuing yearly unless terminated per 3.2 or 3.3.

3.2 After the Minimum Period, termination requires 3 months’ notice or immediate termination for specified reasons.

3.3 Termination is allowed for non-compliance within 7 days of a written request or insolvency.

3.4 Non-payment may lead to termination after a reminder per 5.7.

3.5 Consumers can terminate for specific reasons, subject to conditions.

3.6 Early termination requires compensation as per 3.6.

3.7 Non-compliance or non-payment allows us to invoice compensation.

3.8 Terminating a Job before completion incurs charges for completed work and associated costs.

  1. **Statutory Rights to Cancel (Consumer Only)**

4.1 Consumers may cancel within 14 days from the day of signing, provided Services haven’t commenced.

4.2 Cancelling during the Cooling-off Period incurs charges for services provided.

4.3 Cancellation requires completing the provided form and emailing or sending it to the specified address.

  1. **Payments**

5.1 Total charges, including VAT, are specified in the service agreement. Additional charges may apply under specific circumstances.

5.2 VAT rate changes will adjust the invoice.

5.3 Charges are based on agreed Services; reductions may not be pro rata.

5.4 Credit may apply for missed visits due to our fault and compliance with obligations.

5.5 Payment terms are quarterly for Periodic Services; Job payments are due upon completion.

5.6 Payment methods include direct debit, debit card, or bank transfer. Non-direct debit payments incur an administration fee.

5.7 Late payments risk suspension or termination; full payment is required to resume Services.

5.8 Debt collection incurs additional charges and interest.

5.9 Invoices require payment regardless of purchase order numbers.

  1. **Equipment Obligations**

6.1 Rental Equipment repairs are our responsibility, except for damages due to negligence or unauthorized tampering.

6.2 Lessees are liable for Rental Equipment damage or loss, excluding repairs specified in 6.1.

6.3 Access for inspection and recovery of Rental Equipment is required; lessees bear restoration costs.

  1. **Ownership and Risk in Goods Sold**

7.1 Ownership transfers upon full payment; Rental Equipment remains our property.

7.2 Lessees must keep, protect, and insure Goods until ownership.

7.3 Non-compliance allows us to reclaim Goods; refusal permits entry for retrieval.

  1. **Liability**

8.1 Exceptions to liability include personal injury, death, fraud, and acts or omissions excludable by law.

8.2 We do not accept liability for consequential damages, loss of profit, use, or business interruption.

8.3 Charges do not permit claims against our insurance, (our insurance policy terms and conditions apply, available of request) unless permitted by UK Law.

  1. **Events Outside Our Control**

9.1 Performance delays due to uncontrollable circumstances excuse obligations for the duration.

  1. **Assignment**

10.1 Assignment requires our written consent; we may assign the agreement.

  1. **Health and Safety**

11.1 Compliance with provided health and safety instructions is mandatory.

11.2 Hazards at premises must be disclosed.

11.3 Contamination details must be provided; refusal permits refusal of Services.

  1. **Variations**

12.1 Changes require written agreement and do not apply during termination.

  1. **Notices**

13.1 Written notices should be emailed or sent to the addresses provided.

13.2 Complaints can be addressed to

  1. **Severance**

14.1 Illegal or invalid terms do not affect the rest of the agreement.

  1. **Set Off**

15.1 Payment withholding is allowed for disputed amounts only.

  1. **Data Protection**

16.1 Personal information may be used for specified purposes.

  1. **Entire Agreement**

17.1 This document constitutes the entire agreement between parties.

17.2 No inconsistent statements are valid unless agreed upon in writing.

17.3 These terms prevail over any conflicting terms.

  1. **Governing Law and Jurisdiction**

18.1 English law governs the agreement; disputes are subject to English courts.

  1. **Model Cancellation Form**

Complete and return if cancelling within the Cooling-off Period under clause 4.

Send to:

Pest Dominion Limited, 11 Scholars Walk, Slough, SL3 8LY

I hereby give notice that I wish to cancel the agreement for the supply of Services.

Ordered on: [Date]

Name of consumer(s):

Address of consumer(s):

Signature of consumer(s) (if notified on paper):

Date: [Date]