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About Our Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services

Welcome to Pest Dominion, where we recognise the significant impact birds and other mammals, like squirrels, can have on your solar panels. The cosy spaces beneath solar panels often become nesting grounds for birds like pigeons and squirrels, as these solar panels produce heat and provide protection from the cold weather creating an ideal overwinter shelter. These pests are not only a nuisance but also pose potential health and safety risks, including electrical fire hazards.

Squirrels, known for their gnawing tendencies, can damage both solar panels and their wiring. On the other hand, bird droppings not only compromise the efficiency of your solar panels but also present health hazards and create hygiene and maintenance challenges.

At Pest Dominion, our dedicated team specialises in delivering tailored bird-proofing solutions designed specifically for the unique requirements of solar panel installations. From safeguarding against potential damage to enhancing the overall performance of your solar array, we are committed to providing effective, humane, and lasting solutions.

Our Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services

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